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Maybe something like this? a; Unprotect /@ {In, Out}; In[1] =.; Out[1] =.; Protect /@ {In, Out}; DownValues /@ {In, Out} { {HoldPattern[In[2]] :> (Unprotect /@ {In, Out}; ), HoldPattern[In[3]] :> (In[1] =. ; Out[1] =. ; ), HoldPattern[In[4]] :> (Protect /@ {In, Out}; ), HoldPattern[In[5]] :> DownValues /@ {In, Out} }, {...


It's a type of otherwise harmless bug that tends to come and go with versions. I would suggest to report it to Wolfram, but also not to worry about it. Notice that the symbols have no associated definitions, which means that they will not interfere with your code. A potential way in which such a situation can arise is the following. Imagine you put Sqr[x_] ...

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