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Is it possible to build a small web site with vanilla Mathematica? How about a web server?

There is an exact solution you are looking for Pure Wolfram Engine (freeware!) Webserver with many features supported like WebSockets, GET/POST (but no TLS support so far). Template engine that let ...
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How can I wrap groups of cells with HTML tags on export?

Looking through the code, I am not sure this is easily achievable using ConversionRules alone. Here's an attempt at modifying the conversion functions directly: <...
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How to convert a <table> element into SVG image?

You can import it as a Dataset, then use Export. ...
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How to translate interactive graphics from Mathematica to standard HTML+SVG?

There are a few possibilities, I can suggest from my side Either use WLJS Frontend, that supports exporting notebooks to an HTML or React component, however it is still very raw, has no direct ...
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Convert .gif to HTML and keep animation

It seems when you export AnimatedImage or a list of frames to HTML, Mathematica give you a notebook interface that does not ...
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What is the Mathematica string expression to extract the innertext of an HTML element?

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