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For questions specific to the Graphics3D command and related 3D graphics functionality.

The tag is about constructing 3D graphics from 3D primitives. The Graphics3D command is the 3D analog to the 2D Graphics command. It can contain a list of 3D-specific graphics primitives (e.g. Sphere, Cuboid, Cylinder, Tube or PolyhedronData), as well as more general primitives like Lines, Points and Text and directives such as Red or Opacity.

Various plotting functions such as Plot3D and ParametricPlot3D generate Graphics3D expressions as their output. There are a number of options specific to 3D graphics relating to viewpoints and positioning, including ViewPoint, ViewRange and ViewVector.

Questions about plotting functions or data in 3D should use the tag instead. Questions about 2D graphics should use the tag .

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