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Questions on the construction of 2D and 3D graphics through the direct use of primitives, directives, and functions. Include the graphics3d tag for questions specifically on 3D graphics. This tag is not to be used for basic questions on visualizing functions and lists using the various flavors of Plot commands.

Graphics relates to the construction of plots, diagrams, charts and other visualizations at a level beyond the use of visualization functions such as Plot, ListPlot, Plot3D, etc, mostly by using the functions Graphics and GraphicsComplex.

Questions solely about visualization functions (of datasets or functions) and their options should use .

Questions about creating visualizations using a mixture of visualization functions and additional elements may use both and .

Questions specifically about 3D graphics should also use the tag for easy archiving and searching. To exclude 3D graphics questions search for [graphics]-[graphics3d].

Some general questions that are frequently asked: