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You are correct that Import and Get are not quite the same for MX files. Import is for importing data. Import generally works with various data formats. It returns a representation of the data as a Mathematica expression. However, MX files don't exactly hold data. They hold definitions associated with symbols. Loading an MX file with Get simply ...


One way: AppendTo[$Path, "~/Desktop/Mathematica/MyPackages"] Get["SamplePackage.m"] bruh[3] (* 10 *) Nicer way: Create a new folder SamplePackage inside /Desktop/Mathematica/MyPackages. Move SamplePackage.m into that new folder. In /Desktop/Mathematica/MyPackages/SamplePackage create a new subfolder Kernel. In that new ...


You can use Get/@ FileNames["save*"].


You could just save global variables and Subscript: Save[file, {"`*", "Subscript"}] If you really want to use the Notation package, then the problem is that the functions that know how to convert back and forth between the symbolized and unsymbolized forms are not being saved. Here are your definitions: Get["Notation`"] Symbolize[ParsedBoxWrapper[...


Get /@ StringTemplate["save``"] /@ Range[1, 5]


I suspect that Files written by DumpSave cannot be exchanged between operating systems that differ in $SystemWordLength. which is quoted from the documentation article on DumpSace, is relevant to your problem. Evaluated $SystemWordLength on both computers. Are they different?

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