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Recovering results during front-end hang

I've never known there to be a solution to a hanging Front End. With new versions comes new functionality, so maybe there is or there will be. Before I address the Front End, you can stop the Kernel ...
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How to typeset a key combination in Mathematica notebook?

The specific boxes you ask for are: ...
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How to typeset a key combination in Mathematica notebook?

You might want to use a button. This you can do as follows: First, you start writing a text within a text cell: "Enter in 2D form using " Then you make Ctrl+9 which creates an inline ...
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Use different kernels for different notebooks

@ThomasFankhauser Having all notebooks share all variables can cause subtle problems. I don't know why this is the default and don't see how to change it, but you can change on a per-notebook basis. ...
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Button styling when using SelectionPlaceHolder

I don't think you need any fiddling with ButtonFunction etc. Just use plain Button and give it the action you want. In this case,...
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