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How do I launch a kernel under Rosetta when I'm running the FrontEnd natively on Apple Silicon

The more obvious way to do this is to create a script the launches the kernel and then point the FE to that. The following is a simple script to do that. Create it using your favourite text editor ...
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DSolve output displays different from actual output after using locator in Manipulate

As explained in the comments, the observed behaviour is due to Manipulate automatically making sol a tracked symbol. When its ...
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Strange behaviour of "Ctrl+." (ExpandSelection)

Having the same problem with an upgrade from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, I searched a bit and found a way to disable these emoji-editor shortcuts Ctrl-. and ...
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Why using InputForm makes cell output out of order with commands used?

Someone with more knowledge of parsing might have more details, but I suspect what's going on here is that at some point in the parsing of these expressions the line breaks are being interpreted as ...
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Default window size too small in version 12.3 (in Windows 10)

I found a solution for this, but only works on latest macOS Ventura. Open the stage manager: Change the setting to this: then reopen Mathematica ,the default notebook should centered

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