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Is it possible to make a custom syntax coloring for "=", "==", and "==="?

1. Syntax Coloring (partially working) Under menu Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Syntax Coloring > Errors and Warnings, turn on ...
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Insert a cell to "push" an output cell down so that my next output will not overwrite the last output

You can go to the option inspector, and for the notebook (or whatever scope) you want this to work for, set OutputAutoOverwrite to False.
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How to add a popup menu to the default toolbar?

I'm afraid we can't do that. However your need may be met in some other ways. Why I feel it impossible Mathematica provided a menu item placed in the menu ...
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Is there a notebook autosave frequency configuration?

Based on grandrew's post I developed my own solution. It is published in the Wolfram Community as Auto-Save Notebooks & Recover After Crashes It selects all edited notebooks, saves backup copies ...
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Is it possible to make your own output format that uses the "Data not in notebook. Store now" mechanism?

I spent some time reverse-engineering the ArrangeSummaryBox code and came up with the function AddCustomTypesetting. It's easy ...
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