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FourierTrigSeries doesn't know Jacobi–Anger expansion?

I can't answer the question why it doesn't work, but I can give you a simple trick to help Mathematica solve it. Use TrigReduce first: ...
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FourierTrigSeries doesn't know Jacobi–Anger expansion?

Ok, so this solution works, but is mildly ugly. First I do the Jacobi anger code that I tried previously: ...
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FourierTransform result different than expected

You can find what Parameters to use as follows (modified to use parameters $c_1,c_2$ instead of what Mathematica calls $a,b$ as there is an $a$ already in the input. Less confusing): ...
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How can I use fast Fourier transform to divide into low and high frequency components?

You do not need to "roll your own". MMA has the tools for this. You may use "LowpassFilter" and "HighpassFilter". However, considering your data, a switching frequency of ...
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