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How to Properly Understand FormFunction

This is actually a big question. It's taken me quite awhile to wrap my head around form function. I don't think I can provide a sufficient explanation as a SE answer, but I can give a few pointers to ...
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FormFunction and Program Input

FormFunction accepts a function and it has access to the values entered. E.g. ...
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Error handling of Databin

Databin does not evaluate when the bin does not exist. Calling it with an invalid id err = Databin["13X7XXXJH"] does ...
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Holding after evaluation

Here's another interpretation of the OP's objective, based on some parts of the code that don't make sense (to me, as yet) unless frac is supposed to generate a new ...
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Holding after evaluation

Try "Label" -> With[{tmp = frac}, HoldForm[DisplayForm[tmp] + DisplayForm[tmp]]] instead to evaluate before you hold.

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