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How to zip folders

This can be achieved with Map (/@). 1) Identify the folders you want to compress: ...
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Direct Import Remote File via SSH without Copying in Windows

Since your know ssh, why not directly use linux commands like Import["!echo `ssh user@host 'cat /home/user/file.txt'`", "String"] You can ...
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Searching directory over a network

I found something that works and changes the search time from 94 seconds to 0.48 seconds. This is to use the RunProcess function in Mathematica. This looks like ...
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Direct Import Remote File via SSH without Copying in Windows

I'm in Windows 11. If you are currently on a LAN, then I recommend using this scheme: ...
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Searching in a .txt file for a specific time

One way could be ...
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Looking for specific data in .txt file

The following seems to work: data = Table[{i, i*10}, {i, 1, 19}]; which mimics what final form of the data should look like ...
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Easy way to download/upload to S3?

Amazon AWS publishes robust SDKs for this purpose. Try their Boto3 SDK which is in Python: You can ...
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NetLink Exporting Images doesn't work (Unknown string escape)

Put double slashes instead of single slashes: Not: C:\Users\Blabla Rather: C:\\Users\\Blabla
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