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Assign condition to variable

To be more general, you can directly use the condition from ConditionalExpression (by accessing Last[y1] or ...
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How to solve the partial differential equations?

Check the Neumann-conditions! Try ...
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FindRoot: Is it a zero or a very small value?

I didn't get the exactly same result as you report, but I got something that needed fixing. It seems a WorkingPrecision needs to be much higher than the ...
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How to collect the terms with $m_1$ in common, $m_2$ in common and $m_3$ in common in a large expression?

Assuming that "expr" contains your expression and that all terms contain either m1,m2 or m3, you may use the command "Coefficient": ...
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Showing symbolic equality up to some transformation of variables

I guess there is no easy way to tackle such problem in general. But in the try and error approach I will explain below, Mathematica will be of great help. You want the change of variables (a1,a2,a3) ...
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