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To get a plot that looks like the 2nd image you show in your question, you need to change your code to something like Plot[CDF[BinomialDistribution[75, p], 1], {p, 0., 0.1}, AspectRatio -> 1, AxesLabel -> {"p", "OC (p)"}] plot Note that you don't have to specify the plot range, but you do need to enlarge the domain of the plot.


I led you astray with a bogus answer that I didn't think through appropriately. I've removed the previous answer and put in place a more correct approach. Here's what I missed: the variance associated with the added noise needs to be estimated with the replicate measurements. If just the mean of the replicates is used, then all of the information about ...


This is an extended comment. I know you believe that the software is misbehaving. However, your example does not show a poor fit to the density. See below. SeedRandom[123456]; x = RandomVariate[WeibullDistribution[148.383, 653.1, -781.061], 10000]; sol = FindDistributionParameters[x, WeibullDistribution[α, β, μ]] (* {α -> 668.203, β -> 2970.61, μ -&...

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