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There is too much burden attached to working with so I rarely use it. You can try an alternative: DevTools`:NotebookActions: ResourceFunction["GitHubInstall"]["kubapod", "devtools"] Needs @ "DevTools`"; NotebookActionsEnable[]; EditNotebookActions[]; add a cell with: <| "Label" -> "ClearCell" , "ShortKey" -> "c" , "...


xt = Range[0, 3 Pi, Pi/2]; xticks = Transpose[{xt, xt /. Pi -> T/2}]; yticks = {{-1, "vMin"}, {-1/2, ""}, {1/2, ""}, {1, "vMax"}}; You can use the option Ticks -> {xticks, yticks} in your plot = Plot[Sin[x],, ...] or as Show[plot, Ticks -> {xticks, yticks}]


Options isn't used very often, and doesn't do exactly what it sounds like. You are correct the Import framework has a few elements that it knows how to do for every format: All, "Rules", "Options", "Elements". Rules is a list of rules with elementName -> data for every element. All is a list of the data without the element name. "Options" allows you to ...

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