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Is it possible to build a small web site with vanilla Mathematica? How about a web server?

There is an exact solution you are looking for Pure Wolfram Engine (freeware!) Webserver with many features supported like WebSockets, GET/POST (but no TLS support so far). Template engine that let ...
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Extracting a Hyperlink with WebExecute

Here is a way with no JavaScript. Using the getAttribute function from this answer (by @swish) ...
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Extracting a Hyperlink with WebExecute

As stated in the comment, I think the question was not very well specified so it would be quite hard to give a good satisfactory answer. However, I did not know about ...
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Mathematica 13.1 Enlarge default toolbar

I found a solution by myself. It is a combination of the parameters above and Qt scale factor. Set *{ font-size:14pt} in the file ~.Mathematica/FrontEnd/frontend....
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Extracting a Hyperlink with WebExecute

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