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How can I improve the accuracy of FindRoot for a complex equation?

For this particular case, you can use exact numbers instead of inexact by applying Rationalize to all your parameters. Then, use ...
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Unable to simplify complex expression

If you are very new to Mathematica, I suggest you take the Fast Introduction from the official Wolfram Website As, far as your problem is concerned, @Nasser has already provided the solution in the ...
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Sqrt returns complex values

it is better to pass exact numbers to eliminate the chance of round off errors and at the very end apply N to the result. This way any accumulated round off are ...
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Find the Intersection Point of Two Complex Functions Using Complex3DPlot

We define two functions f1 and f2 which according to p1 and ...
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Eliminate imaginary numbers from a list

data = {{74.2, 0.28}, {74.1, 0.29}, {95.3, -0.2 + 2.54*10^-6 I}, {95.4, -0.3 + 4.57*10^-6 I}}; Showing some of the newer functions Using ...
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Plot Two Circles and Color Their Difference

Another version of @ubpdqn, using WindingPolygon with "EvenOddRule" ...
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Sqrt returns complex values

The OP's code for CosEta suffers from subtractive/catastrophic cancellation when y is a small floating point number. This may be ...
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