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Labeling images for TrainImageContentDetector

Updated answer^2 (the old answer is below) I have updated the code to manage image selection, class selection and editing. The main annoyance is that event handler needs some box structure to be ...
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How to identify gender and family roles of characters in novel excerpts?

All functions attempted by OP are experimental. That said, the particular workflow of OP using EntityRegister / EntityStore probably should be expected to work. (...
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How to rotate text in user coordinate system?

Well, if @kglr doesn't know a direct way to make Text[]/Inset[] work, I guess there isn't one. First, the 4th argument to ...
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Difference between (Names of ) Symbols and Mathematical Objects

I'm not really sure if an answer is appropriate here, and I'm on the verge of voting to close this question. But for now, here are some thought about your three questions/issues: I have no idea what ...
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Difference between (Names of ) Symbols and Mathematical Objects

$Version "13.2.0 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit) (November 18, 2022)" Clear["Global`*"] Assigning a value to ...
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