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Questions on the use of numerical functions NIntegrate and NDSolve.

3 votes
1 answer

Integrating a Interpolation function with domain {0,1} and output dimension >1: I don't unde...

My goal is to integrate the last dimension of the output of an Interpolation function. I am getting behavior that I don't understand (note to readers, I've pasted all the code without comments at the …
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3 votes

Nested usage of NIntegrate

How about this? nint[x_?NumericQ] := NIntegrate[ 0.00015* Exp[-y^2]/(2.21*10^-7 + (((3*10^10)/x - 2.47*10^15)/(1.06*10^11) - y)^2), {y, -\[Infinity], \[Infinity]}] e.g., nint[.003] …
  • 3,063
1 vote


Some values of x0 may be giving you integrands that you may not have anticipated. For example: iEq10[x_, x0_] := (x*Sqrt[((x/x0)^2)*(1 - (1/x0)) - (1 - (1/x))])^(-1) Note the behavior of the integra …
  • 3,063
1 vote

Issues to compute and plot a function with some Fourier analysis

Here is a a beginning. When I have some more time, I'll come back and edit this. Second Edit at Bottom, I normalized your distance variable and made your problem symmetric around the origin. The objec …
  • 3,063