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This is a placeholder answer; I'm just posting this to record for posterity something I posted in the chatroom a not-so-long time ago. As I noted there, the following routine will only do smoothing; I had a more general routine for generating the differentiation coefficients, but I still have not been able to find it. As with Virgil's method (the one in Alexey's answer), this is based on Gorry's procedure (though I have traced the spirit of the algorithm going as far back as Hildebrand's book):

GramP[k_Integer, m_Integer, t_Integer] :=
     (-1)^k HypergeometricPFQ[{-k, 1 + k, -m - t}, {1, -2 m}, 1]

SavitzkyGolay[n_Integer, m_Integer, t_Integer] := 
        Table[Sum[(Binomial[2 m, k]/Binomial[2 m + k + 1, k + 1])
                  GramP[k, m, i] GramP[k, m, t] (1 + k/(k + 1)), {k, 0, n}, 
                  Method -> "Procedural"], {i, -m, m}]
SavitzkyGolay[n_Integer, m_Integer] := Table[SavitzkyGolay[n, m, t], {t, -m, m}]

The complete routine I once had entirely skips having to define the Gram polynomials separately and is also able to produce the derivative coefficients. I'll post the routine as soon as I find that notebook...