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Enable syntax highlighting and code completion in CDF player?

Try coding on iPad has fun, I downloaded the free app Wolfram Player in App Store and found it can interact with Wolfram notebooks ...
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What does $LicenseType return on various Wolfram Language desktop evaluation platforms

Referring to my question about discriminating between various variants of Mathematica, Wolfram Player etc. I was wondering what the values of $LicenseType and ...
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Details about using packages with Wolfram Player

Is there a definitive document that describes the differences between what's allowed in Mathematica and Wolfram Player? I'm seeing differences in behavior between references to variables in packages (...
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Known restrictions for WolframAlpha in CDF Player and PlayerPro

Are there any known (documented?) restrictions for the use of the WolframAlpha function in CDF-Player and PlayerPro? I only found this answer which mentions upper values for various license version, ...
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Wolfram Engine on new ARM-based AWS-EC2 instances

Is it possible to install the RPI version of the Wolfram Engine on the ARM instances of AWS? Otherwise WR could distribute a version of CDFPlayer for ARM, do you think they are willing to do it? That ...
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How do I open and use(run) an Interactive Demonstration locally with Wolfram Player?

I have multiple Macs, run a full Mathematica on one, and am trying to use the free Wolfram Player on another. Wolfram Player is installed and is version 12.1--the latest. See
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DockedCell in the Wolfram Player?

Is it possible to put a docked cell in a notebook that you can view using the wolfram player on IOS? This webpage ( ) indicates ...
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I need advice on which device to get to be able to run Wolfram notebook applications on the go on mobile phones?

I am planning to get a new phone later this month since I have moved to a new country and my old phone is causing me difficulties. I see there are good deals on Samsung (Android) and iPhones (IOS). My ...
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Why are the message formats different in Mathematica and Wolfram Player?

I wrote Manipulate and compared the results of the message in Mathematica and Wolfram Player. ...
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Exporting via CDF

I want to simply use a CDF deploy to export a text file onto the notebook directory ...
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Installation Problem

I am I was running Mathematica 13 and Mathematica 6 on a Windows 10 Pro desktop. Just recently I deleted Mathematica Player in an effort to save space on my C: drive. So now when I try to open a ...
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Saving code as a blackbox for wolfram player

I am trying to save my program as a blackbox so those who I am deploying it to are able to use it, but there is no reason for them to have the huge chunk of code beforehand to have to scroll through. ...
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