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Questions tagged [wolfram-data-framework]

Questions regarding the Wolfram Data Framework (WDF).

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How to apply a function to each row of dataset that I imported to Mathematica and get the result of each row

I wrote a function that uses Monte Carlo Simulation using flipping a coin to calculate the value of the call option in Mathematica. I want to apply the function to 63 rows of my dataset that contain ...
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1 answer

Trying to create Personal Data Resource in Wolfram Cloud Notebook

I am trying to create a Personal Data Resource from within a Wolfram Cloud notebook. I'm following the instructions at: ...
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Implicitly defined EntityClass does not work

When studying how I can use the Wolfram Data Framework on a database on my private computer I found a curious problem. I created an ...
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How to submit new state-by-state information to the Data Repository

I'm interested in algorithms for apportioning seats of Congress to states after every decennial Census, for which I'm using Mathematica to test different functions. To this end, I wrote a Notebook ...
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Wolfram Data Framework specification?

Motivated by a recent question on the meaning of all sorts of W* acronyms, I would like to get more information about the Wolfram Data Framework (WDF). On its web page
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