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What is the difference between Mathematica and WolframAlpha Notebook Edition?

I have a license for Mathematica through my college. Today I downloaded and installed a trial version of WolframAlpha Notebook Edition. According to this support page the notebook is supposed to ...
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Change default cell type of Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition to Input

Now that Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition, which is in essential Mathematica with a special front end: is free for 6 months, I'm playing with it. Default cell type of Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition is ...
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Desktop vs. Cloud option, home plan vs. basic plan: syntax differences

I do not understand why the following simple expression is accepted using a browser (cloud option), but is not accepted using the installed software (desktop option) with the plan basic of Wolfram ...
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No answer for LyapunovSolve

I gave wolfram notebook the code below: ...
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How to put image in mathematica header?

I wanted to know if you can help me how to put this image in the header of the notebook Thanks in advance :)
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Calculating double integral bounded by domain in Wolfram Alpha Notebook [closed]

If I want to compute Double Integral on a given region(See attached Picture) How can I input this on Wolfram Alpha Notebook
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Why does Mathematica pop me into wolfram alpha sometimes (often) when I type an equal sign? [closed]

Why does Mathematica often pop me into wolfram alpha when I type an equal sign? I should emphasize that the equal sign is not at the beginning of the expression, nor is it preceded by CTRL. It is thus ...
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