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For questions specific to Version 6 of Mathematica.

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Finding Some Mathematica Packages for Version 6

For some reasons, I have to use Mathematica 6 version and I need the following packages: ErrorBarPlots` Histograms` PlotLegends` Can anybody help me to find these packages? It is really important ...
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How do you get Mathematica to start a task in the background?

Mathematica-6, Windows-10. How do you get Mathematica to start a task in the background? Function ...
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Different result in ContourPlot function using different version of Mathematica (?)

I tested "Elasticity with Mathematica" notebook (Mathematica 6) in Mathematica 11.3 and tested C05_stress_kirsch.nb, I added some trigger code to protected function in the tensor2analysis.m file, and ...
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Error message from V6.0.3 on Mavericks

With Mavericks, everything works fine except saving documents -- then I get this error: Internal self test error MacDialog | c | 2 Fixes? Ideas? Any help appreciated.
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How to tell Mathematica not to simplify an expression

While there is this question with a very similar title, it does not answer my question, which is: I have part of an input, in my case Re[Exp[I*x]] which ...
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Graph rendering not working as expected

I'm running the older Mathematica v6 which seems to go through the edges of graphs twice. Is this a bug? Is it fixed on the latest version? Please just try this command: ...
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Forcing evaluation of ArgMax

How to force evaluation of ArgMax before its output gets used in Solve? Background: I'm trying to solve for the Nash ...
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Version differences in Parallelize

I am having a problem which I guess is due to version difference. I have to generate a list of unitary matrices, which I can do easily. However I came to know about ...
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Export Table from Mathematica into specific cells Excel

How can I export a table to Excel - to specific cells, e.g. D1-E2? Background: I want to compare results, and it's easier to have the results on one spreadsheet. I'm using Mathematica 6. This is my ...
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backward compatibility

When producing or enhancing code, it is tempting to use recent new primitives of Mathematica introduced in version 7 and 8, but for library code or in preparation or future version change in ...
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$InputFileName backwards compatibility

What would be a good replacement for $InputFileName (which has been added recently to Mathematica 8) to achieve backwards compatibility with let's say M6 and M7? I ...
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How to partition a disk into individually spaced bricks?

What I want to do is in any way produce a picture that looks like this Given a set of words, how can I partition a disk into bricks for these words, such that it looks good? Here is my sucky ...
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Are later versions of the Front-End compatible with older Kernels?

At my graduate school, all of the clusters still use version-6, and I only have version-7 and version-8 installed on my computer. I would like to use those machines remotely. Are either of the ...
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Setting up TextStyle with initialization cells in Mathematica 6+

It used to be quite straightforward to change the default settings of a notebook in terms of inputs, outputs, text styles and font sizes in previous versions of Mathematica using initialization cells ...
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