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Why does ListPlot not work out of the box with a list of associations and how to get it to work?

Let us assume I have several sets of data points with labels, e.g.: ...
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Integrate function differing from RUBI's Int function in version 13.3.0

I had Mathematica Version 12.3.1 Student Edition and Integrate and RUBI's Int functions produced the same answers for my purposes with good results. I updated my version to 13.3.0 Student Edition and ...
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Solving a non-algebraic equation at the symbolic level [closed]

Versions 10, 11, 12, and solves the following system of equations ...
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Graphics`Mesh`FindIntersections not working in Mathematica 13.3

I just updated my Mathematica for Windows to 13.3 and when I tried to use the "Graphics MeshFindIntersections" command it doesn't seem to work. Have they replaced it with some other command ...
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How to adjust PlotHighlighting of version 13.3 to use custom labeling function?

Consider the following dummy data. ...
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Autocomplete doesn't work when the CellContext is set to be Notebook (Mathematica 13.3)

I am using mathematica 13.3. When the CellContext option is "Global" the autocomplete works fine. I would like to have individual variable in each notebook, so I use the following command: <...
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Why do many integrals fail to verify in V 13.3? Is the method of verification wrong?

Many integrals fail to verify their results in V 13.3 compared to V 13.2.1. So I am asking for help to determine why. It is possible that my function which verifies the antiderivative is not doing a ...
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Why do error messages show up when mouse hovers over ListLinePlot in V 13.3?

New bug in V 13.3 Wolfram support: A support case was created with the ID [CASE:5057959] Why in V 13.3 on windows 10, when moving the mouse on top of a plot, it says there is an error? In V 13.2.1 ...
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How do I use the Wolfram Language Evaluator in Chat-Enabled Notebook in v13.3? [duplicate]

In the release blog for v13.3 it appears you are able to directly evaluate the code from the LLM chat output using the Wolfram Language Evaluator? However when I try the same, that option is not ...
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How can a Chat-Enabled Notebook be set up to automatically use Wolfram Language Evaluator?

In the release blog post for v13.3 Stephen Wolfram gives the following example for a Chat-Enabled Notebook. As it appears there is automatic evaluation, e.g., <...
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How can I compare two ByteArrays inside FunctionCompile in 13.3

I need a compiled function that takes an array of bytes as input and in the process compares parts of that array. It's really just looking for the occurrence of one array in another. It works if you ...
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How to get rid of 0.000 and change 5.*10^n to 3*10^n on Log Plots?

Using Version (Edit: MacOS BigSur Version 11.6, Hardware M1 chip) In order to show some Log (or LogLog) plot features that I find annoying, here is some code: ...
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