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How to link to specific cells in annother notebook with the new hyperlink UI?

Since updating to Mathematica 12.2, I find that I can no longer create links to cells in another Mathematica notebook. Formerly, the "Insert Hyperlink" command gave you the chance to select ...
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Importing a .csv containing list of complex numbers

I exported a list (with two columns) to a .csv file with Mathematica, and the first few lines are, ...
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Mathematica 12.2 on Windows 7 [closed]

The Mathematica 12.3 setup.exe installer will not run on Windows 7, due to the operating system not being supported by that Mathematica version. Although Mathematica 12.2 also does not support ...
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Inputing pairs of objects to neural networks (eg. pairs of images and sounds)

I'm trying to make a net graph where the input (a pair of objects of distinct but fixed types) will be passed simultaneously trough two net encoders. One will get an array from the image (the first ...
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Bug in Transpose in Mathematica 12.2?

*In[1]=* Transpose[{a, b}] returned in earlier versions of Mathematica (e.g Mathemtica 12.1) simply *Out[1]=* Transpose[{a, b}] ...
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Strange result with Laplace transform

The following code: f[x_] := HeavisideTheta[1 - x]/x InverseLaplaceTransform[ f[t], t, x]/x Returns 1/x. But this should not be ...
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Why the output is not in numerical form in Mathematica 12.2?

Consider the following code: ...
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Trying to train a NetGraph network generates an error

I'm trying to learn neural networks in the Wolfram language, so I've written the following code. The input is a $2*3$ matrix, split into two parts. The parts are given to distinct linear layers, then ...
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MMA 12.2 freezes while closing notebooks with many plots

I recently upgraded to 12.2 and revisited some notebooks made last year (presumably in 12.0 or 12.1). It quite often happens for big notebooks (typically larger than or around 200MB) that MMA 12.2 ...
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Problems with OpenSQLConnection on Mathematica 12.2 (Linux)

I used Mathematica to access the data of a MariaDB MySQL database. Within the version 12.0 it worked well on linux using the following code: ...
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Import ZIP file options broken in Mathematica 12.2.0

I am trying to read a zipped table, which has its entries separated by colons. In Mathematica 12.1.1 (and earlier) this worked well with the following command: ...
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Issue with PlotRange and Graphics3D in version 12.2

When Boxed is set to False, PlotRange no longer works. I feel this should be considered a ...
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2 answers

Behavior of Solve with $Assumptions changed in 12.2

Something changed with Solve between versions 12.1 and 12.2. 12.1: ...
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Property "Centroid" of result from ConvexHullMesh[] can not be extracted

As the title describes, specifically, simple code below ConvexHullMesh[RandomReal[1, {10, 2}]]["Centroid"] returns an error in V. 12.2, but it worked in ...
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These PDE's no longer evaluate in version 12.2 as they did under 12.1. What can be done to make them evaluate under 12.2?

These 399 PDE's no longer produce result under Version 12.2 on windows. DSolve now returns unevaluated. These all evaluated under version 12.1. Why is that? And ...
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When calculating, the taskbar icon will not change in Mathematica 12.2

I remember starting in Mathematica11, when calculating the status of the taskbar can indicate the current status Today I upgraded to Mathematica 12.2, I noticed that the taskbar has only one state ...
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