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Numerical solutions of a multivariable equation

I have been desperately trying to find a way to get this equation solved with Mathematica (I am using version 11.1 if that matters): $$ a\sqrt7 + b\sqrt{11} = (\sqrt7 + \sqrt{11})^{13}, $$ assuming ...
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What is the "phone" symbol that appears with the keyboard shortcut "ctrl-g" in Mathematica 11.1?

Using ubuntu, and mathematica 11.1, the keyboard shortcut ctrl+g creates a small emoji of an old landline phone (see image). It does not appear in mathematica 10. If I copy it from 11.1 end up with ...
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How can I remove the large thumbnails in the version-11.1 Documentation

Perhaps because I am used to the old style of Mathematica Documentation, the large thumbnails in the "Details and Options" section in version-11.1 Documentation look cumbersome and redundant to me. So ...
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100% CPU Usage on one Core

When I use Mathematica 11.1 to make a normal 3D Parametric Plot Mathematica's CPU usage instantly shoots up to 100% on one core as soon as the graphic is rendered. This does not only last until the ...
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Get a trained net and the training session properties?

In version 11.1 there is an additional signature for NetTrain: But this only returns the property, how can I get the net and the list of properties I want? Minimal example code: ...
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Mathematica 11.1 kernel not running

I was using Mathematica 11.1 under Windows 10, 64 bit. Yesterday morning I had a Windows 10 update and during the morning my virus scanner AVG warned me that one of the Windows files was corrupted ...
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