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The most simple Manipulate freezes the notebook on v10.1

I realize this won't be a particularly clear question. As I'm not able myself to find a pattern for the problem I'm talking about I won't be able to give enough informations to make it fully ...
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2 answers

Is FrameTicks broken in 10.1.0?

On my system, Mathematica 10.1.0 under Windows, none of these FrameTicks documentation examples work correctly: ...
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JSON export truncates numbers to 6 digits of precision

Update: This problem was fixed in Mathematica 11.3. It seems that in version 10.0.2 and 10.1.0, floating point numbers are truncated to only 6 digits of precision when exporting to JSON. Example: <...
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What's difference between MathKernel.exe and WolframKernel.exe? [duplicate]

Recently I installed Mathematica 10.1 and noticed two different files (they have the same length, but different hashes) in the installation folder: MathKernel.exe ...
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How can I import a table from a Wikipedia page?

I'm trying to import this table from a wikipedia page containing the list of lunar missions into a Mathematica as an Association. Here, I'm trying to use the new <...
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