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Contour Plot command

If we have three independent variables , how can I fix the value of one variable and giving the range for two others in the contour plot command? I have mass of one Dark matter particle and then the ...
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Converting date numbers to a date object

In Mathematica 13.3, I've a number, say 20231114, and I want to convert it to a Wolfram Language (WL) DateObject. My first attempt failed: ...
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How to get plain text in InputForm format from show expression code? [duplicate]

I entered the following code into the Input cell. And the code expressed as RowBox was obtained using the Show Expression menu. I want to get a Plain Text in the form of InputForm again from this ...
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Can't this code calculate the result

Solve[ForAll[{n}, d/2 n^2 + (a1 - d/2) n + (b1 q^n)/(q - 1) - b1/(q - 1) == n^2 - n + 2^n - 1], {a1, b1, d, q}] Running for over an hour without calculating ...
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Wolfram Cloud University Credentials [closed]

I had the ambition to use Wolfram cloud for a project but some issues arose. I am using my Indiana University account, but the cloud only sees my personal account, which only has basic service, and ...
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Why isn't my Exclusion showing up? [duplicate]

This plot is Indeterminate at x==0: ...
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