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How to access clipboard when undo doesn't work [duplicate]

In mathematica, undo is only available for once and not many times, then important information can be lost due to careless operations. How to get access to the clipboard to get previous contents saved ...
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Has the Undo command really been settled? On version 12.1 it only works sporadically. What are some reasons it drops steps?

Although Undo has been around since version 10 (before my time) I've noticed that sometimes it works just fine up to the moment of the last ...
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undo is sorely lacking... where to fix? [closed]

Lately (not sure when / what release) my undo function has just become almost useless. It unpredictably fails to work even for a single step sometimes. I know there are some undo-related settings ...
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Why wouldn't undo work after delete?

I'm in 10.4, and it seems like after I paste undo works fine, but after I delete it does nothing. Any reason for this?
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How to undo modifications made to Graphics? [closed]

If one selects and drags any line inside a plot, it becomes impossible to undo this modification using ctrl-z. Example: Create a plot: ...
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Front-End hangs up for a while when I type quotation mark " in front of an image

A support case with the identification [CASE:3747200] was created Thank you for taking the time to send in this report. I understand that when you put a quotation mark in front of an inline image,...
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Issue with undo after copying a string inside a string

Bug introduced in 10.0 and persisting through V11.3 Here's a small but annoying issue related to undo and copying of strings. Steps required to get the problem: Type ...
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"Undo" not working for script, gothic, and double-struck letter forms?

Has anyone else experienced anomalous behavior using "Undo" (Ctrl-z) with notational alphabet letter forms? Since Mathematica's built-in functions are capitalized, one generally avoids beginning user-...
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Undo history cleared after removing comments - bug?

If I've written some code followed by a comment, like this: x(*y*) and I remove the comment by first removing the right delimiter and then the left, my undo ...
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