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Questions tagged [uncertainty]

Questions on calculations, manipulation or presentation of data that considers uncertainty, errors, or confidence intervals. Also on estimating or quantifying these uncertainty, errors or confidence from data or first principles.

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2 answers

How to deal with Around[list] not evaluating if the list elements have Around Head instead of being numeric?

Background I like using Around for data analysis so I can easily keep track of measurement spread and uncertainties. It also automatically produces plots with error ...
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2 answers

Importing scientific data with uncertainties and units

I want to import scientific data from a CSV file. The data are length measurements in centimeters with uncertainties. I want to import the data with uncertainties and units into a vector - please see ...
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5 votes
2 answers

NIntegrate a discrete data set with uncertainties

Consider a data set with some numerical uncertainty in the y-values, such as the following ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Number of significant digits in uncertainty of Around

Around[100.123456, 0.12] gives 100.12±0.12 But Around[100.123456, 0.42] gives ...
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Estimating the uncertainty in the slope of a straight line with no associated uncertainty

I am just starting out with mathematica and cannot for the life of me find how to find the uncertainty in a slope. I am attempting to find the exponent in a logarithmic relationship between two ...
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1 answer

Fit Gaussian to a custom histogram

I have written a small program that performs a Monte Carlo simulation to calculate the uncertainty of a quantity. I store all the results of this quantity in a list and from this list I generate a ...
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9 votes
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Built-in way to handle uncertainty in measurment and physical constants?

Is there a built-in or fairly elegant way to handle uncertainties in measurement data and/or physical constants? For instance, the 2010 CODATA for the elementary charge is given as $\mathsf{1.602 176 ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Expression of uncertainty in measurement.

I have a problem with writing a Mathematica function. I have been requested to show the results of my experiments with the measurement uncertainty (mu) like below: ...
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