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For questions about importing and exporting Tab Separated Values (commonly stored as .txt files) in Mathematica.

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Why is Import[file, "CSV"] faster than Import[file, "TSV"]

I have a lot of data which use tabs as field separators. There are no tab characters in their fields. The data are all alphanumerical, strings are not enclosed in quotes. Theoretically ...
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SemanticImport mangles Greek letters in column headers

Bug persisting through 13.1.0 I have a Dataset whose column headers contain Greek letters. If I export the Dataset as a csv file and then ...
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How to speed up loading 20k lines tsv-file with complex numbers?

I have a long (20k lines) file which looks like this: ...
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How can I import a txt file with both tsv and csv characteristics and plot it?

I have a problem with importing and plotting a txt data. I used this code: data=Import["C:/Users/user/Desktop/Mohammad Simulation/2nm.txt","TSV"] header=Take[data, {10, 1889}]; But, I am not able ...
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Is there a straightforward way of naming CSV/TSV columns when importing as a dataset?

I have data in TSV (tab-separated) files. The thing is, columns do not have headers. Importing data is as easy as ds = Import["foo.tsv", {"Dataset"}]; ...
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Fast MATLAB, slow Mathematica: Export a matrix as TSV

I am trying to find the best way of exporting matrices (results of a time-dependent CFD calculation). I found that .h5 is the fastest option, but h5 is not generic, i.e., I can't really open like a ...
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