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Why can't "TransformedDistribution" give a result but finding the probability first and then the derivative can?

PDF[TransformedDistribution[Sin[X], Distributed[X, ProbabilityDistribution[2*x/(Pi^2), {x, 0, Pi}]]], y] // Simplify produces ...
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How to use multiple output from Nsolve? [closed]

I have 3 simultaneous equations and 3 unknowns. The values are coming to be right. But how do I assign these 3 values in the respective variables? ...
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Applying a Transformation Matrix to Entire Graphics Including Axes in Mathematica

I'm working with a Graphics object in Mathematica and I want to apply a transformation matrix to the entire object, including its axes. Here's a simplified version of my code: ...
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Plotting in a 'shiftlog' scale

I want to plot a function, whose natural behavior goes like $$ f(x) \sim (x - a)^\alpha $$ I.e. it's a power function, but with the argument shifted by $a < 0$. Thus, I feel like it's natural to ...
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How to perturb data along a midline?

Consider the following data, which can be obtained here ListLinePlot[data, Frame -> True] I want to perturb the previous data around a defined midline, which ...
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Givens rotation: What is the Mathematica equivalent to MATLAB's planerot function?

Matlab has a function called planerot which takes a two-component column vector $x$ as input and returns a $2 \times 2$ matrix $G$ and a two component column vector ...
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Hilbert Transform in mathematica [duplicate]

I would like to do a Hilbert transformation in Mathematica on a function. However, it does not seem to give a right result. The Hilbert transform is given by So I did : ...
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How to write a Replace Rule that will Iconize all Rules in a List whose rhs are long String-s?

First, let me illustrate what I'm trying to do. FormatOptions is a programming utility that will Echo a given ...
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