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Slow import of tif images

Importing a 900 MB tif file (~1800 frames) in Python takes ~9 seconds. The same file takes ~50 seconds to import in Mathematica. If the file size is ~150 MB then for Python takes ~2.5 s while MMA ...
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How to append to a multi-page TIFF?

Can you append another image to a multi-page TIFF without having to load all the existing images?
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1 answer

Importing TIFF stack metadata

the data files I am working with are TIFF stacks, we generate them with a self-written microscope program (in matlab). Among other information, an ASCII value is saved for each image in the TIFF stack ...
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Compressing TIFF figure with constant resolution

I need to compress the TIFF figure "p5"(originally around 25 mb) in to less than 1 mb or as small as possible with constant resolution of 600 dpi. ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to import 12-bit TIFF image

I have a CMOS camera which records images at 12 bit resolution. The camera software allows to save them as 12-bit TIFs. However, Mathematica cannot import this: ...
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how to Export raster data as a tiff unmolested

I feel certain there is a simple answere here.. how do I export image data to a tiff without any scaling? I want to read back in the exact data. ...
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Maximum size of TIF files in Mathematica

I have a question concerning the maximum size of TIFF files Mathematica can handle. According to the TIFF 6.0 specification -revision 6.0 (see:
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Export an image as a double precision TIFF

I would like to save an image as a double precision TIFF image. I have looked and tried many things but no luck. I have been able to import a double precision TIFF from IDL and found that the data was ...
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How to export a 16 or 32 bit TIFF file

I have a function that creates a monochrome grayscale image that must be export as a 16-bit and 32-bit TIFF file. The Mathematica documentation mentions that these bit depths are supported during <...
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