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Rotating text in the Epilog of a plot results in distortion

I want to rotate text in a plot. When I rotate by 90 degrees, or 180, it's perfectly OK. But if I want to rotate to 60 or 45 degrees, then the text appears distorted (see example below). How can I fix ...
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How to write mixed fraction in text cell?

I could not find any especial typesetting for mixed fractions in Pallets. In text cell, when I put fraction $\frac{1}{2}$ and after put $5%$ in front of it it automatically becomes $5 * \frac{1}{2}$. ...
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Making text in graphics behave like other graphics when resizing/redisplaying

I'm trying to create a lot of graphics that include boxes of (multi-sentence) text placed at particular coordinates, and I would really appreciate some help in wrestling control of the size of the ...
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Confused how ShrinkToFit works with text

In Mathematica 13, I would like to have text displayed in a rectangular area (that will later be included in graphics), where the size of the rectangle needs to be set in advance. If there's too much ...
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How to delete a word set in a text?

I have a setence: ...
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Properly Format Vertical Bar with Supersubscript

I'm having trouble emulating the following (extra long) vertical bar format in a text cell: The closest I could get to in a text cell is: which doesn't look great; it's underlying code is ...
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Enums in ONE text cell of a notebook?

Is it possible to have an enumeration as an integral part of a text cell, so that they all together form one cell? Reason for this question: I would like to have a text cell (e.g. for a theorem) and ...
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Dynamically highlighting all substrings

I want to dynamically highlight all substrings that are equal to selected substring inside string str. Also I want the string str...
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create string for string seen in FullForm

Can we create a string for a string seen in FullForm ? This question is hard to explain/understand with just words. So explain with an example : Can you create a function ...
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Making text larger without changing size of superscript?

I have the following plot: ...
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Stylesheet Directives for DisplayFormular overwritten?

I'm trying to change the font of DisplayFormula, DisplayFormulaNumbered and InlineFormula in my stylesheet. So in the options inspector of the stylesheet under ...
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Style changes to Text while I want to be Input

I do know what happened to my Mathematica. I frequently have to change the style from Text to Input to write codes. How I can re-change this unwanted issue?
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Buttons too small for content

When I try to display buttons with long content in a multicolumn the text sometimes gets cut off. Like this: ...
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Find the best place to overlay text on an image?

I need to put text over a background image to make a nice looking banner. In order to find the best place to put it, I'd like to know the "focus points" of the image (basically the centers ...
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Adapt size of brackets in text mode

In text mode, i.e. characters enclosed by " ", brackets do not adapt to the content. How can I achieve this? Actually I want to write a text that includes formulas. Without " " the ...
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How can I get matrices and text to show up in the same table with MatrixForm?

I'd like to be able to display matrices in the usual written MatrixForm in a table alongside text (or anything that isn't a matrix). Here is an example: ...
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How to Set Text Format by User-Defined Function with Input as String

I have simple but annoying problem here. I guess it occurs to many Mathematica users. The thing is that I wish to define a function to format the text in Mathematica. Yet, I don't know whether it is ...
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Does "align on alignment marker" work in Mathematica 12.3

In Mathematica 12.1 (and previous versions), you can insert a cell of style DisplayFormula into a notebook, using ...
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Print[] text in the style of Message[]

I would like to imitate the aesthetic style of Message[] text, but using Print[], and customising the colour. The output I ...
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Line spacing when creating new line

I have a plot which has a legend where text occasionally needs two lines. While I'm able to adjust the space between labels using "Spacings" how can I change the line-spacing within a label ...
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How to Create a Shortcut to put a frame around an equation

I use mathematica for typing Physics and other notes. For important equations, I prefer to put a box around them. To do so I use either: Insert-> Typesetting -> Add Frame from the menubar ...
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Inline TeX Input renders wrong characters / symbols

Bug introduced in 12.2, fixed in 13.0. As you may know, you can write TeX within a cell with CTR+$ and press ...
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Grid or TextGrid constant width cells

I am having problems with white spaces in lists displayed in Grid. The problem is that white spaces have less height and width compared to cells that contain text. I also tried none, None, None[], ...
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Grid questions: text-wrapping / copying and pasting expressions

I want to make a list of functions like this: ...
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Vector arrow notation in Mathematica

I want a fast way to type vectors in Text boxes like this: $\vec a$ I can do this manually with ctrl+7+"-> " which creates this ...
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4 answers

Find best region to put text onto image

Given an image upon which you want to inset text, the question arises: What is the best sub-region to place text? For example, given a background image I want to find the rectangle in the image (...
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font family in text cells keeps reverting to unwanted default

I'm using Mma 10 under macOS Sierra to write exam questions for a calculus class. This involves writing a fair bit of text, with interspersed symbols and equations. The annoying problem is that even ...
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How to add a Checkbox into a text cell? [duplicate]

Before working in my code I wrote tests on a textcell . I want to add a checkbox at the end of each sentence to track my progress. So, I will checkbox if the program pass. How to add a Checkbox into ...
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How to force a desired numeration of equations in Book/Monograph StyleSheet?

I am writing a text in the MMA > Format > StyleSheet > Book > Monograph StyleSheet. I have a problem with the automatic numeration of "EquationNumbered" cells. ...
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