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Why DecimalForm make TableView malfunction?

I have some imported data that include big numbers, and I don'y want them to be displayed in *10^8 format. The following code demonstrate the problem: ...
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Autosizing rows and columns in TableView?

In v12.1 TableView is finally documented! It's more stable than it's ever been but my one qualm with it is that I need it to auto-size the columns and rows so that all items are fully visible with ...
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prepend a column to grid

How would you prepend a column to a grid? I have seen Appending and Prepending columns to a dataset in but that is applied to datasets and I want to retain things as a grid. I need to prepend ...
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Unable to manually resize TableView with CollapseRowHeaders/CollapsedColumnHeaders

I would like to display a table using TableView. My table already has headers, so I remove them using ...
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TableVIew and Dynamic

Considering using TableView to present data and allowing the user make small adjustments to the values. Would like some help with Dynamic and TableView. Below is a basic example. In the more ...
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Arrange elements in PlotLegend

I have the following test code ...
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