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Shared variables between notebooks using the same kernel not working in mathematica 10.1?

I am trying to access the variables over two Mathematica documents, this works fine when I use Mathematica 9 but when I attempt to do the same on 10.1 it doesn't work. I have set both notebooks to ...
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Where can I find detailed information about the SystemOptions?

I'm looking to optimize my Mathematica script, and I'm willing to go spelunking with low-level system options. The problem is that I've been looking in the Mathematica documentation, but there doesn'...
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NDSolve 2 functions 2 variables with intermediate calculation : (1 time-space eq) + (1 space eq)

I have a system of differential equation with this structure : $$\left\{\begin{split}&\partial_t n(t,r) + \nabla. \big(n(t,r)v(t,r)\big)=0 \\ & f\Big(n(t,r),v(t,r),\partial_r n(t,r),\partial_r ...
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solve a non-linear system of 27 equation

I have the following system of 27 equations: ...
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Identifying the parameter that flips the solution

I have solved a system of ODEs numerically. As the plot shows, the solution SolJx is positive for the parameters I have chosen. However, if you decrease (more ...
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How is it possible that $SystemMemory is set to zero?

For one of my Windows machines (Mathematica 12.x.x, only one of them) apparently $SystemMemory returns 0 (zero). I'm unable to do anything with that, since ...
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Solving a multivariate polynomial system takes too long

I have tried to solve this system ...
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Is there a way to automatically store the output of a command to a variable directly?

Generally I do a computation then I have to manually take that number and make it equal to another variable which I define which I can then use to do subsequent computations. Something like this: <...
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Set of multivarible expressions to be re-expressed a single variable

I have a set of expression such as $\frac{3x+y-z}{6x}$ and $\frac{3 x-y+z}{12 x}$, which can easily get re-expressed as $p$ and $(1-p)/2$, where $p=\frac{3x+y-z}{6x}$, but is there a way to find this $...
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Differential equations system's solutions differ when one of the constant is 0

I am solving the following system of equations with Mathematica. $u'=-k_{1}ux+k_{2}x^2, x'=k_{1}ux-k_{2}x^2$ and I obtain the solution for x: $x(t)=\frac{e^{k_{1}C_{1}(t+C_{2})}k_{1}C_{1}}{-1+e^{k_{1}...
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Minimize and Table of variables

I use a list of variables to Minimize a particular quantity { Q, val1, Table[Pi, {i, 1, m, 1}} where i is the subscript of P. However in this way I have ...
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