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5 answers

ListPlot: Plotting large data fast

Mathematica produces fantastic-looking graphics, but it can be slow on large data sets. Here is an example for a (random) time series: ...
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Benchmarking with Mathematica v.12 for up to date comparison across different machines

I am planning to purchase a new computer especially to use for Mathematica programming purposes. Currently, I have MMA v.11. Could someone with Mathematica v.12 run the following benchmarking and ...
10 votes
3 answers

Which processor and graphics card to use for my Mathematica license

Does my Mathematica license support processors with 8 cores? I have to choose between one of the following processors: Intel® Xeon® E5-1630 v4 Prozessor (4 cores, 3,7 GHz, 4,0 GHz Turbo) Intel® ...
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Why is ListPlot so slow here?

While examining How can I monitor the progress of a Plot? I was surprised to discover that in some cases ListPlot in version 10.0 and 10.1 is orders of magnitude ...
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Mathematica 10 'Formatting Notebook Contents'

Mathematica 10 freezes while 'Formatting notebook contents'. This happens already during the startup of Mathematica and it takes a long time for Mathematica to recover. It can also happen when I am ...
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21 votes
4 answers

Speedup matrix number multiplication

Consider this simple matrix number multiplication: ...
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17 votes
26 answers

Benchmarking Mathematica 13 across machines

Many people consider the performance of MMA when choosing their computers. I feel we need some up-to-date benchmark results across hardware and systems for the major version 13, which will help a lot ...
16 votes
1 answer

Major slowdown when using a ColorFunction with more than one named scheme

Bug introduced in V10.1 or earlier and persists through 11.2 Earlier Kuba noted a major slowdown with code Simon Woods posted. Here is a simplified example. First a color function using two ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Export[] performance

Consider this sequence of commands: ...
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Code in separate cells causes a kernel crash [duplicate]

Bug introduced in 11.2 If I put the following code in separate cells the Kernel crashes (dies). If I put them together in the same cell it works fine. Version 11.3.0 for Windows. ...
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64 votes
3 answers

Mathematica vs. Python - how does Mathematica compare to Python's scientific computing suite?

Python's family of packages for scientific computing has matured rapidly. I can pretty much replicate all of Mathematica's functionalities, but with production level and open-source code using the ...
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34 votes
1 answer

Benchmarking: unexplained switching between high and low performance

tl;dr I am trying to accurately benchmark some vectorized operations, and compare them between systems. But benchmarking is hard to do well, and I am getting inconsistent results: performance is ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Listable built-in functions - Why are they so fast on numerical vectors?

Consider the following small example, where I calculate Exp on a large vector by employing the listability which many mathematical built-in functions have: ...
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13 votes
0 answers

Slow JoinAcross performance

Bug introduced in 10.3 I am using JoinAcross to combine two datasets, where the key is an Integer. ...
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9 votes
1 answer

What are the key reasons for the performance improvements in 12.3?

The built in benchmark test on my stationary workstation shows an improvement from 2.82 to 5.99, all other hardware and operating systems settings the same. This looks very good. My question is: What ...
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Limit the amount of RAM Mathematica may access?

Trying to solve a differential equation numerically, I noticed that Mathematica used up all RAM to the extent that my operating system (Windows 10) lost responsiveness and hung up. As a result I had ...
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6 votes
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Should I rasterize plots to keep my notebook file small?

I often use Mathematica notebooks as an informal "lab notebook", plotting recent results in various tabs and such. I've noticed that these files can tend to get really large; for example, my Windows ...
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Long Execution Time of Reduce

I have a set of linear homogeneous equations with 8580 variables. I want to estimate the time Mathematica takes to solve the system, by solving smaller sets of ...
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2 answers

Why is TensorExpand so slow for vector operations?

I would like to expand the following tensor expression: ...
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Benchmarking in V10.1.0 not showing the correct verision of Mathematica?

Bug introduced in 10.1 and fixed in 10.3 This was done in V10.1.0, but it's showing that as if it was done in V10.0.0? Computer Specs:(for those who are interested) ...
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May I restrict caching to disk when memory runs low? [duplicate]

An hour ago, I had to hard reset my laptop again because Mathematica froze the system again. When import a large file or make a mistake that produces huge arrays with complicated entries etc., I often ...
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High performance fullscreen visualization of image sequence

What is the fastest way you can come up with to display an image sequence in fullscreen where each image in the sequence must be shown? Here is my attempt. Let's create a 1920x1080 image as this is a ...
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