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Largest n in Prime[n] [duplicate]

What is the largest integer $n$ that the function Prime[n] can take?
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Is there any hope to get the result faster if we use a supercomputer for the given problem?

If an operation in Mathematica (say, computing the determinant of a $88\times88$ parametric matrix) takes much time to be computed on a personal computer (core i7), say a week, then, is there any hope ...
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NSum::nslim: Limit of summation k is not a number. Help, please( [closed]

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Library for FEAST method is missing

Mathematica (V 12.3.1, Native Mac M1 version) is not letting me use the FEAST method for solving eigenvalue problems. For example, ...
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Need help understanding the results of the unit function

I want to get Limit of the following function at $T\to 0$. $$ Eig=\frac{8 (\eta +J \sinh (2 \beta \eta ) \sinh (2 \beta J)+\eta \cosh (2 \beta \eta ) \cosh (2 \beta J))}{\eta Z^2} $$ where $Z=2 (...
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Unexpected limit result (was: How to fix the limit problem?)

MATHEMATICA fails in proving that Limit[ Integrate[ x^(x - 1) , {x, t, 2*t} ] , t -> 0 , Direction -> "FromAbove" ] == Log[2] How to fix ...
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How to deal properly with big integer limitations [closed]

I need to run an algorithm that manipulates digits with big integers and integer functions, And I need to be careful to avoid erroneous results in my research. It is not necessary to answer every ...
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Question on Global System variables

What are the maximum values for $MaxLicenseProcesses and $MaxLicenseSubprocesses? Can they be infinite or are there specific ...
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Calculation time for a limit, is my calculation still calculating?

I am calculating the limit of an eighth order derivative with ~700 terms. The notebook has been in the 'running' phase for a few days now. If it says it is still running, does this necessarily mean ...
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The maximum number of length in mathematica

What is the maximum number that can be used with the following command in mathematica? Length[IntegerDigits[x!]] where 'x' is replaced by some finite integer for ...
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Is it possible to specify a zero-thickness curve for a (filled) `ListPlot`?

With Joined -> True, ListPlot's filling is solid by default. But note that the filling and the line have different shades: <...
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Degradation of image when used as texture in 3D graphics

An answer at zhihu motivated me to ask this question: Though applying a texture to a surface or a Graphics object is quite convenient in Mathematica, the quality ...
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Limit of an infinite nested radical?

Is it possible to compute the limit of this infinite nested radical in Mathematica: Limit[Sqrt[n+Sqrt[n+Sqrt[n+Sqrt[n+...]]]], n->0]
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Result of the limit n -> infinity x(ln(x/x+1) [closed]

Can someone give me a detailed, step by step process on how to solve: $\lim_{x\to \infty } x(ln$$ \frac{x}{x+1}) $
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Determining the number of equilibrium points

Let's define the potential function $\Omega(x,y)$ of two magnetic dipoles ...
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Nesting BaseForm several functions deep causes dependent functions to not fully evaluate. Solutions?

Below is a simplified scenario of a problem that I'm running into. There are 3 functions each wrapped with BaseForm[] and a default base of 10 is passed to each ...
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Why is 13 the smaller height dimension of a Graphics?

It seems that you cannot get a Graphics image with a height dimension less than 13. Trying to draw something and then asking for ...
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Color Snapping When Using VertexColors with a Tube with BSplineCurve as an Argument

I think I've identified a bug in how VertexColors are treated when rendering a Tube object where the underlying data is a ...
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Regular expression too large problem

pattern = Names["*"]; StringMatchQ["Bold", pattern[[1 ;; -1 ;; 2]]] (* True *) StringMatchQ["Bold", pattern] Error Information: RegularExpression::msg20: ...
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Largest matrix size supported by Mathematica 10

I have need to store large square matrices in memory, some times sparse, some times not. I have used up to $2^{15}$ by $2^{15}$ as my upper bound so far, and Mathematica has handled it even if it took ...
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The biggest exponent that can be computed

I am struggling with my crypt assignments and constantly getting overflow errors. Below is a simplified version of the problems I am experiencing ...
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Is there a limit for DensityHistogram data amount?

I'm trying Mathematica for first time and while trying to do a Density Histogram with around 300 000 points, I get an error "THE INPUTED DATA is not a valid dataset or list of datasets." Maybe it's ...
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Is it possible to draw really thin lines in Mathematica?

I want to have in Mathematica the same result I have in Python: I have this nice effect simply by using very thin lines. But it seems in Mathematica thickness property has some limit and i just got ...
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Does a running evaluation continue after the PC wakes from sleep mode?

Are there any issues with running a process on Mathematica, putting the computer to sleep, and then waking the computer sometime later? It seems to work just fine on my test process (appending data ...
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ToExpression fails with long nested string expressions

Consider the following conversion from String to Mathematica Expression: ...
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Why is there a limit of 15 different instruments to be played simultaneously, with Sound / SoundNote?

It seems to be impossible to play more than 15 different instruments simultaneously with the Sound[{Soundnote[...],...}] construct. Any guesses why it is so? With ...
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Why does OS X need permission to allow JLink connections each time it starts?

I understand that JLink loads each time Mathematica launches or each time a kernel starts, and that this can require permission from the firewall, if it is enabled but OS X provides settings the ...
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What is so special about Prime?

When we try to evaluate Prime on big numbers (e.g. 10^13) we encounter the following issue: ...
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What determines the value of $MaxNumber?

What determines the value of $MaxNumber? $MaxNumber 1.233433712981650*10^323228458 ...
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