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Questions on using GeometricScene, GeometricAssertion, RandomInstance, and FindGeometricConjectures.

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GeometricScene extremely slow or cannot complete

I would like to find instances of the following dodecahedral wheel generalized to the situation where the red squares become rhombuses. I tried this using RandomInstance[GeometricScene], but ...
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GeometricScene is slow and does not find an answer to a visually obvious problem for many points

I'm trying to use GeometricScene to visualize a finite patch of a periodic tiling of triangles and rhombi. When I require the rhombi to be squares (using "Regular" property on the Polygons),...
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How can I calculate the ratio of the line segments in the following geometric scene?

The following code can draw the corresponding geometric scene. By observing for many times, we can know that the length ratio of line CE and line ...
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RandomInstance of GeometricScene producing unexpected result

Consider the following scene as an example: ...
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The Nagel point revisited

Let $i$ be the incenter of the triangle $\triangle abc$, and $n$ be the Nagel point of this triangle (see Wiki ). Let also $h_3$ and $h_2$ be the orthocenters of the triangles $\triangle iab$ and $\...
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