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Questions about highlighting for Mathematica input in the Mathematica front-end, and Wolfram Workbench.

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Proper Syntax highlighting for multi-argument With?

For the case of Block and Module one can choose to define values in the body for the variable names being scoped. So there is no ...
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Reset SyntaxInformation completely

As was pointed out here clearing the SyntaxInformation isn't trivial to do. The best I was able to come up with for clearing it was: ...
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Syntax colouring when using Symbolize

I need to use symbols with suffixes in order to make my code readable in relation to the Eurocodes. To do this I use Symbolize from the ...
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Highlight selected text everywhere?

Notebook++ has a very useful feature which highlights all occurrences of certain text once it has been selected with the mouse cursor in one spot: It is very useful in order to jump between different ...
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Mathematica doesn't italicise a function's argument in the function's body if it appears in the denominator and the denominator is edited. A bug?

Bug introduced in 10.0.0 and persisting through 10.1.0 or later I'm using Mathematica 10.0.2 for Mac. On a fresh kernel, I type this: a is not italicised after ...
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Installing pygments to be able to use lexer & highlighter for Mathematica

I'd like to try the lexer and highlighter for Mathematica that's based on Pygments, but I'm lost in a morass of getting Pygments installed. Here's what I have so far. I'm using MacPorts python37 (...
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Syntax highlighting for own functions only for certain symbols

For simplicity, let's say I have defined my own function f that takes in exactly one input argument which is of the Symbol type ...
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Multiple lines of text are being highlighted every time I click

I've had this weird/annoying problem appear a few times now in Mathematica 10.4 where whenever I click, it highlights everything from the bottom of the cell to my cursor. If I click outside a cell, ...
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How to disable OperatorSubstitution in a style sheet without losing syntax highlighting for local variables

I'm trying to define a custom style sheet that has "OperatorSubstitution" set to false in order to keep fonts consistent. However, whenever I disable this, I lose ...
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Syntax highlighting for Symbolized variables in Solve

This is a duplicate of Syntax colouring when using Symbolize, but that post is almost eight years old and hasn't been active in almost four years. Is it possible to get normal syntax highlighting for ...
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Syntax highlighting of RuleDelayed involving Orderless symbols

I am using version 10.0.2 If I set SetAttributes[ol, Orderless] Then the following expression appears to be highlighted incorrectly after clicking in it (no ...
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Why has my syntax coloring changed?

Local variables in Module are no longer specially colored for me, but other syntax coloring remains, for example iterators in a ...
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Is there any other built-in color scheme for highlighting text?

Blue variable name and black key words seem boring to me now. I find that the color scheme of this site is better. Can I apply that in my notebook?
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Syntax highlighting like Function?

I'd like to define a symbol that behaves similar to Function. Specifically, I want to define a new symbol symmetricFunction that ...
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Delete exit comment on the left, and increase menu letter size,Any way to solve the problem?

I have 2 problems, I need to delete the output comments of a special calculation and also see if there is a way to please the letters of the MMA menu, I have searched and read but it has not been ...
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Syntax-coloring specific to function heads

I've been playing around a lot with making a new style sheet with corresponding syntax colorings in the past few days, but I'm finding the default options pretty lacking. While you can use the ...
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