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(xAct) AllContractions with sum of terms

I'm doing some GR calculations using xAct package. In order to find all dimensional-dependent-identities (DDIs), mathematica has to apply the ...
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Creating function with array input with desired coefficient and evaluate it

I had asked the same question before here Creating a list of functions with desired coefficients but did not get the desired answer, may be I was not clear in my question. I have defined this function ...
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Creating a list of functions with desired coefficients

I have defined this function to results some list of functions, however its not returning what I want ...
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Implementing symmetry assumptions in FullSimplify

I want to symmetrise a long expression, M, that involves a function of 4 arguments, f[u1,u2,d1,d2], and its products (for ...
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Implementing anti-symmetric function on two index and for more in systematic way

In mathematica, I want to impose symmetric and anti-symmetric properties of $S$ and $A$ in general way. Usually I was working with explicit information i.e., for anti-symmetric $A$ with two index, I ...
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Creating a random symmetric matrix with a particular rank

The documentation about LinearAlgebra has a section on Constructing Matrices, but the examples of random matrices using RandomReal don't offer an obvios way to ...
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Symmetry-adapted blockdiagonalization?

Assume your square matrix has hidden symmetries, which allow to blockdiagonalize it to several smaller matrices. Also assume that at the moment I don't want to fully diagonalize the resulting blocks (...
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How to understand the symmetry of MMA's tensor

tensor = {{{2, 9}, {9, 2}}, {{9, 2}, {2, 4}}}; TensorDimensions[tensor] TensorSymmetry[tensor] How can I understand the symmetry of the output ...
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Imposing symmetry conditions

I have functions with some symmetry properties, how I have to impose the corresponding conditions within Mathematica, in order to perform all simplifications automatically? ...
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Digital display symmetry

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project has a digital display. In the Math 9 text I am using, they ask this question. The 24-hour clock represents midnight as 00:00 and three-thirty A.M. as 03:30. ...
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What does the symmetry requirement for the Conover rank squared tests entail?

What does the symmetry requirement for the Conover rank squared tests entail? In that Mathematica link it is stated that the ConoverTest assumes the data is symmetric about a common median. We have no ...
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Tensors with mixed symmetry

I want to work with tensors of mixed symmetry, for example with a rank 3 tensor $A_{ijk}$ that is symmetric under the exchange of $i$ and $j$ and antisymmetric with respect to $i$ and $k$. I was ...
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Discard functions with wrong symmetry?

I have functions of x, where x is the polar angle of spherical coordinates, i.e. ...
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Implementing Central Symmetry

I'm interested in implementing symmetry groups. So it would be useful to have central symmetry (isometry transformation). There are built-in functions: ...
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