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Questions tagged [storage]

Questions on efficient usage by Mathematica of disk storage (including SSD) and safely deleting Mathematica files no longer needed. Not to be confused with issues of short-term memory utilization. ("Memory" tag.)

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Store Mathematica results in an external rdbms

I want to store Mathematica results in an external rdbms, Postgres specifically. The Mathematica documentation talks a lot (eg in 'Relational Database Quick Start') about extracting data from external ...
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How can I efficiently save multidimensional data that is retrievable by key?

I am doing some simulations in Mathematica, where I calculate a spectrum intensity(frequency) for a variation of parameters in my samples. So in the following image, for example, I vary the charge ...
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Using Mathematica notebooks with no local back end

My laptop is a Windows 10 Asus netbook with very little (32GB) storage space. I currently use an Ubuntu 18.04 computer for Mathematica, but I would like to be able to use it on my netbook instead. (I ...
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Sorting stored variables in memory

Given the list of stored variables Names@"`*" is it possible to sort them by size in used memory?
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Can I store output data in the Notebook file? Specifically output from NDSolve[ ]

I am having some outputs from NDSolve of the form {{x→InterpolatingFunction[…], y→InterpolatingFunction, … }} and the ...
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CreateIntermediateDirectories->False gives error, why?

I am on windows 7, using 11.2 Created new folder, and new notebook in it, saved it, and then typed ...
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