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Questions tagged [stiffness]

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Stiffness problem which abruptly stops the evaluation

We have a Lagrangian and we found the EOM. We need to solve the EOM and find the Phase-space plot. However, we are facing a stiffness problem which abruptly stops the evaluation (...
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NDSolve returns stiff problem and forces extrapolation which gives unreasonable result

I am trying to solve a first order ODE using ParametricNDSolve for getting particle trajectory in a flow around an obstacle. I got an error message that "At t == 221.96028149270003`, step size is ...
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Stiffness or singularity in NDSolve for a system of equations with switchpoint

I am trying to solve the following set of equations: ...
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Explicit modified midpoint (Gragg smoothing)

In the "StifnessSwitching" method the default numerical scheme for the non-stiff solver is Explicit modified midpoint (Gragg smoothing) with a decreasing step size. I decided to study the ...
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