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Make a tabbed Workbook of Spreadsheets with TabView (and TableView) [closed]

I'd like to display a 3D table as a tabbed group of 2D tables. As a bonus incorporate TableView to enable editing. Here is my attempt:
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How to select with multiple conditions effectively?

I have a spreadsheet with 100 columns and 5000 rows, which I imported into Mathematica as a list named data. First, I select all rows whose 47th element is 2021: ...
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Convert a specific column to Dateobjects

I have searched around but haven't found an answer to the following problem. I have a spreadsheet with a large number of rows and 4 columns. Column 3 contains dates not in a right format. So I want to ...
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How to import actual data rather than formatted data from google sheets?

I have data in my google sheets which is extracted using: ...
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Mathematica won't show imported excel spreadsheet data [closed]

I have a problem with Mathematica 12.1 Student edition since every time i try to import data from excel with the command ...
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Exporting Data to Excel, (specific sheet, and specific starting cell)

I have this code, which works properly: (I know you do not have the excess to my file mydata.xlsx, but that is not a problem, I believe. ...
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Importing a Google Sheet including blank cells (default is ragged array)

I'm able to import data from Google Sheets using e.g. ...
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Import and Export DateObject

I'm trying to import a spreadsheet with dates and export it again. But the cell reads ### in the exported file. It's shown in the screenshots. This is my code. ...
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Import specific range of Google spreadsheet

I am trying to import only a specific range of a Google spreadsheet as data in Mathematica for further usage like plotting. So I tried to use the data = Import["https://...", "Data"] function, but ...
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2 answers

Make a list of triplets from a table with empty cells

I have a Google spreadsheet where not all of the cells are filled. It looks like this: I want to import it as a list of lists like: $\left\{ \left\{34,1,3 \right\},\left\{45,1,4 \right\},\left\{45,2,...
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Import CSV spreadsheet slow

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Replacing Excel with Mathematica Using 2D Tables [closed]

Is there a methodology that would work well for replacing Excel with Mathematica? Typically I use Excel to make various lists of values with formulae that relate those values. Below is a very typical ...
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Convert spreadsheet (Excel) to *.csv during import

I have long lists of data in spreadsheets and have the problem that Mathematica crashes regularly during import of the .xlsx files. Is it possible within Mathematica to take a certain tab of a .xlsx ...
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Is there a way to create named ranges for spreadsheet exports?

I am trying to figure out whether I can tell Mathematica to name ranges for data that I am exporting? I want to use this data in CPLEX, which unfortunately doesn't allow the use of the R1C1 notation, ...
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Import of data from ODS

With SetDirectory["~/Downloads"]; ifile = "test.xls"; TimeConstrained[idata = Import[ifile, {"Data", 1}], 5]; I can achieve the desired result of importing the ...
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Importing Selected Spreadsheets [duplicate]

Consider the PISA study report, which contains dozens separate spreadsheets in each respective excel files (see Is there any way ...
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Import Excel data forcing links (ie workbooks) to be updated

We have noticed importing data from an Excel spreadsheet doesn’t update links. The problem with this is if you import a spreadsheet that comprises of linked workbooks data and those workbooks have ...
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Can Apple's Numbers spreadsheet link to a Mathematica function? [closed]

I use Apple's Numbers spreadsheet for a single thing, a double entry accounting model to understand complicated financial transactions. A current model depends on the value of a single initialization ...
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How to import a ".numbers" spreadsheet?

Does Mathematica support importing a ".numbers" spreadsheet file (from the "Numbers" '09 (ver. 2.3 554) spreadsheet program in Apple's OS X iWork office suite)? A ".numbers" file is actually a zip ...
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Import Spreadsheet Data and DeleteCases of empty cells &/or choosing a Range to import

I am importing Excel spreadsheet data into Mathematica. Here is what the data looks like, notice the cell Q1 with "sdf": I import this data by specifying the Spreadsheet location, sheet name, top 9, ...
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Cut and paste data from a spreadsheet

I have a set of data points in two columns in a spreadsheet (OpenOffice Calc): I would like to get these into Mathematica in this format: ...
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