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Adding spelling dictionary to Mathematica

I was hoping this could be easy, but it's not. I need to add the Czech spelling dictionary to Mathematica. I copied the two files: cs_CZ.aff and cs_CZ.dic in to the /Applications/
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Disable spell checking for unknown language

Let's say I am typing in a language Mathematica does not recognize for any reason. How do I make the software to understand that it should not try to spellcheck this notebook? It is annoying to see ...
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SpellingCorrectionList for custom language (Italian)

SpellingCorrectionList["ciao",Language -> Italian] Says there are no Spelling dictionaries for Italian. On the other hand, ...
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How to definitely switch off the Check Spelling function

I formulated the question entirely enough in the title. Below I give some background to explain why do I need to do such a crazy thing. I have a son of 17 years old who has autistic problems. It is ...
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Which words are "protected" from the built-in spell checker?

Bug persists through 13.2 [CASE:4331923] Some time ago Alan raised an interesting question about spell checking in Mathematica in a comment: <...> does Mma actually recognize Euclidian (vs ...
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Disable blue spelling tooltip

I've noticed that at least on Mac, Mathematica automatically displays the blue spelling tooltip on misspelled words, but actually there's a much nicer, more reliable and faster tooltip when one uses ...
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Is there a tool for editing the spelling dictionary?

Is there a tool for editing the spelling dictionary? Now that Mathematica 12 does spellchecking on the fly, I've been using it. And of course, as I was wondering how I might delete a word ...
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Is it possible to set multiple languages for spell check in a mixed-language notebook?

I am working in a notebook that uses a mix of two languages, is it possible to allow for both dictionaries to by used simultaneously? I have tried: ...
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Where are added words of Mathematica spell-checker saved?

In Mathematica 11 it is possible to add a word to the dictionary if the spell-checker does not know it. I did this a lot during the last years. Now I have a new computer system and want to transfer ...
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How do I turn off spell check?

I write mostly in swedish and every. single. word. has a squiggly red line under it!!! It's driving me nuts! Does anyone know how to get rid of it?
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Whitelist words in the spelling dictionary [duplicate]

Is there a way to whitelist words in the spelling dictionary so that they will not be flagged as mispellings? Can this be done for individual notebooks, all notebooks or both?
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can one directly edit the custom dictionary?

Apparently I mistakenly added a bad word to the custom spelling dictionary. How can I remove the bad word? Where is this dictionary stored? I'd hope for it to be in a text file I could edit ...
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Is it possible to have 2 languages simultaneously activated for spell-checking text cells in Mathematica 11?

I like the spell-checking introduced in Mathematica 11. However I don't see how to activate 2 dictionaries simultaneously, say, English + Russian? I found that current language for entire notebook ...
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Set spell checking language

Version 11 brings real-time multilingual spell checking. The linked page says, The language is automatically detected as you type, but it can also be set manually. How do I set the spell checking ...
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