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Order of Map[] evaluation [duplicate]

Does f /@ list evaluate the f's in any particular order? For example, does it evaluate f on ...
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Using HoldFirst at the same time as Apply

I have some code which pops the first number from a list, displays that number, and updates the list: ...
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How to determine side-effects in parallel computation? Possibly associated to Kernel not closing reliably

I have written a bunch of code to simulate some measurements. To speed things up, I intended to obtain the measurement values via a ParallelTable. However, it turns ...
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How to parallelize this code?

Initialize a matrix a with value of $\alpha$ in central cell as "ice", and $\beta$ in every other cell. ...
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Checking the argument of user-defined function with side-effect method

Today, I answered a question of mine that asked two month ago. Please see here Now I would like to add the argument checking in this function. Then I used a method that Mr.Wizard answered ...
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