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Function for probability distribution approximation of a compound random variable

In the book (Klugman et al, 2019) on can see the Example 9.12. The number of claims has a Poisson–ETNB distribution with Poisson parameter 𝜆 = 2 and ETNB parameters 𝛽 = 3 and 𝑟 = 0.2. The claim ...
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Representation in state-space of a system with ideal and real differentiating links in feedback

There are two systems in the state space with an ideal and a real differentiator. For the first system, the code in Mathematica is as follows. ...
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Partial evaluation of a function [duplicate]

In the spirit of a previous question, this is a self-assigned exercise in order to understand how we can control expression evaluation with Mathematica. So, given the following function definition: <...
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Obtaining the terms of a summation alongside the result

I have a Sum expression: s := Sum[2x,{x,0,3}] As an exercise to explore the rewriting capabilities of the Wolfram Language, I ...
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