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Asynchronous parallelization of LLM calls

The new LLM functionality in Mathematica 13.3 is really quite slick. But it is often the case that one wants to apply it to many items in parallel, i.e., to submit many jobs simultaneously. The ...
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SessionSubmit with ScheduledTask

I am trying to learn about ScheduledTask and SessionSubmit so that I can have calculations that run regularly in the background at set times. It seems that according to the documentation for ...
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Does SessionSubmit[ScheduledTask[expr,spec]] create a separate thread?

I don't quite understand how SessionSubmit[ScheduledTask[expr,spec]] works. We can create a background task, which can go without interfering with the main loop. If ...
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A command to be executed after a certain period of time

I want to know the command that is executed after a certain period of time. I guess Pause is a good choice for my purpose. For instance, I tried to let the ...
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Exit Wolframscript by Ctrl+C without interrupt prompt

How can a Wolframscript be terminated by Ctrl+C without yielding the Interrupt prompt (see e.g. here)? Unfortunately, this self-proclaimed hack causes a ...
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When I insert an if block into the ScheduledTask, I'm entering the password and the program is closing

I'm new in Mathematica. So I'm unable to settle a matter. When I insert an if block into the ScheduledTask, I'm entering the password and the program is closing. What is my mistake? Can you help me ...
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How to use export and schedule tasks to backup entire contents of an notebook at regular time intervals?

I am sorry I don't have any code to share so I would like your ideas. Although there is an AutoSave feature in Mathematica it lacks usefulness as it cannot be ...
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Strange Behavior of ScheduledTask

I have a background task that handles some simulations. It has worked fine for quite some time but all of a sudden it did not work at all. I traced it down to some strange behavior of ScheduledTask <...
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How to monitor multiple async image downloads?

I have a few thousand image urls that I want to download asynchronously, how can I do that while monitoring progress? I'm really asking for 5 things: Show dynamic progress in bar Downloads must be ...
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ScheduledTask using NotebookEvaluate on a Cloud notebook

I would like to CloudSubmit a ScheduledTask using the function NotebookEvaluate to run a notebook stored in the Cloud. I am concluding NotebookEvaluate will not evaluate a notebook that is stored in ...
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Problems with ScheduledTask Timespec in Mathematica 12.0

I am having a problem using the timespec specified in the Wolfram documentation for ScheduledTask. I believe the issue has been extant since v11. Let's take an example from the documentation: ...
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