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What tools does Mathematica have for solving indefinite integrals?

I haven't used Mathematica regularly in about 15 years, so I'm a bit out of date on what the latest tools are for indefinite integration. I have Mathematica 11 on my computer. through searching online,...
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Integrate function differing from RUBI's Int function in version 13.3.0

I had Mathematica Version 12.3.1 Student Edition and Integrate and RUBI's Int functions produced the same answers for my purposes with good results. I updated my version to 13.3.0 Student Edition and ...
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Problem installing Rubi on Mac OS X ARM

I installed the Rubi package by using ResourceFunction["GitHubInstall"]["RuleBasedIntegration","Rubi"] but when I use it, it only ...
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Mathematica vs Rubi --- integrate $f(x,y) = x \sin^2 x + a x y$ --- Mathematica got this round? [closed]

Consider the function: $$ \begin{equation} f(x,y) = x \sin^2 x + a x y \end{equation} $$ with $a$ being a constant. We want to do the indefinite integral over $x$ and then over $y$. We do that using <...
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Understanding results from Rubi integrator

I am just starting out with Mathematica and more specifically Rubi. I just tried to integrate the following. ...
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How to check Rubi version number in use? [closed]

On my Mathematica 11.2 Windows system I have Rubi version 4.15 installed manually and version 4.16 installed with the paclet installation procedure. So these two versions reside in totally different ...
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Rubi/Mathematica gives different values for the same integrand

Consider this integral: $$ \int_0^\pi d\theta \sin\theta\, {1 \over \gamma^q}\left((1-\gamma^2)^2\sqrt{1 \over 1-\left(1-(1-\gamma^2)^4\right)\cos^2\theta} - 1\right)^q $$ for $0\leq \gamma < 1$. ...
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Problem calling function defined with HoldFirst

V 12.1 on windows. I am trying to use nice function from a recent post How to directly get the TeXForm of each steps from Rubi? ps. to run MWE code below, requires Rubi package, which if you do not ...
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How to directly get the TeXForm of each steps from Rubi?

It's easy to read the steps from Rubi, but kind of tired to copy it out of as $\LaTeX$. That's what now I do: Int[x Sin[x], x]//Steps For example,click one step, ...
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Problem with Rubi` and paclets in Version 12.1?

A recent Quora post on computing an integral used the Integral Calculator, the interface and display of which I found somewhat impressive. So I thought that I'd try the same computation in Rubi so as ...
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