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Questions tagged [resource-management]

Questions about resource management, including minimizing use of RAM and processing power.

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32 votes
5 answers

Resource management in Mathematica

I am using a library that has functions like createSomeObject[] and deleteSomeObject[obj]. It is an interface to a C language ...
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1 answer

Kernel Management

I would like to run a computation in one NoteBook that will take 2 hours. Could I assign this Notebook a specific Kernel so I can run computation in other Notebooks ?
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19 votes
3 answers

How to keep downloaded curated data

If I run StarData[], Mathematica will download the entire database from its server, which is quite a lot of data and takes some time: "Downloading entities 17501 ...
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1 answer

Memory leak with Mathematica Graph functions

I am running Mathematica 13.2 on a Mac OS Monterey. I have a large code that manipulates graphs both in graph form and as adjacency matrices, computes some graph properties, and returns a list. It has ...
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Mathematica Source-Code Control for CDF files in multi-user scenario

Q: I'm putting together a strategy on how its best to maintain cdf documents with multiple users in a source code repository. Ideally I wish for users to create (unit tested) cdf's with data and ...
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Find and load all ResourceFunctions as top level functions?

I would like to be able to use ResourceFunction's as top-level symbols: The reason being that some of them are so useful it would be really great not to have to ...
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Mathematica AppData folder is taking up too much space

I recently made a small app that I had issues with. I'm pretty sure it ended up being because of all the curated data to load. My problem now is that under the Windows 8.1 folder Users/Username/...
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1 answer

Adding computer vision datasets?

I find having ResourceData/Objects for machine learning datasets to be extremely useful, with their "TrainingData", "TestData" properties: Right now there's only a handful: And even fewer for ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Optimal parallelization on Apple Silicon

I have the 2021 13 inch Macbook Pro with the M1 Pro chip (with $ProcessorCount equal to 10), currently running Mathematica 13.0.0. I have had a good experience with serial computations on this chip, ...
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1 answer

Using cursors with result sets to reduce memory usage

I have a database table with 900,000 rows and 80 columns per row which I'd like to work with in mathematica. My computations are isolated to each row, so I'd like to stream only a single row (or small ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Why does Mathematica 11.1 use so much memory on my system

On my Mac OS X 10.10.5 system, here are the results of calling MemoryInUse[] immediately after startup (fresh front end, fresh kernel) on various versions of ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Plotting "on the fly" possible?

ListPlot needs a list (duh). Assume that you have a problem where time is not the issue, but space, e.g. compute and plot the first billion values of Fibonacci[n]/...
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3 votes
1 answer

Command to get License Management Monitor info

Using Netlink, when we have more users than Mathematica licenses (used in a pool), we get messages such as: Error code: 11. Connected MathLink program has closed the link, but there might still be ...
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1 answer

GaussianFilter Slow Behaviour when std. Deviation in set to 0

The problem occurs when setting the $\sigma$ of the GaussianFilter to zero and using the method Method -> "Gaussian". The ...
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How can I cap calculation speed?

Sorry if I wasn't able to find an existing answer! I'm trying out Mathematica, and was running through some sample problems at night. My roommate is sleeping, and my computer fan can get decently loud....
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How to build a file download manager? [duplicate]

I want to build something like ResourceData to distributing neural network models and paclets. This system preferably has the following three features. It's lazy. ...
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0 answers

Removing ResourceObject and other resources downloaded from Wolfram servers/

What happens with recourses downloaded from Wolfram Servers? I have recently been playing with their neural net library, until I noticed that each model is takes up a lot of space. How do delete ...
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List of all image based ResourceObjects?

Is there some way to search across content types in ResourceObjects? Something like this would be nice: ResourceSearch[<|"ContentTypes" -> "Image"|>]
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1 answer

Invoking functions in other kernels

Suppose one wants to parallelize as much as possible N tasks, each task produces a graphics via ParametricPlot or something like that. If the system is allowed to ...
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Inspecting the evaluation stack on computation abort [duplicate]

It happens often that a computation starts consuming more memory or time when it encounters an expression with elements in the input that are in some unexpected form. Is there some way to abort ...
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