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Questions about resource management, including minimizing use of RAM and processing power.

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Resource management in Mathematica

I am using a library that has functions like createSomeObject[] and deleteSomeObject[obj]. It is an interface to a C language ...
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How to keep downloaded curated data

If I run StarData[], Mathematica will download the entire database from its server, which is quite a lot of data and takes some time: "Downloading entities 17501 ...
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Kernel Management

I would like to run a computation in one NoteBook that will take 2 hours. Could I assign this Notebook a specific Kernel so I can run computation in other Notebooks ?
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Mathematica Source-Code Control for CDF files in multi-user scenario

Q: I'm putting together a strategy on how its best to maintain cdf documents with multiple users in a source code repository. Ideally I wish for users to create (unit tested) cdf's with data and ...
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Mathematica AppData folder is taking up too much space

I recently made a small app that I had issues with. I'm pretty sure it ended up being because of all the curated data to load. My problem now is that under the Windows 8.1 folder Users/Username/...
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